Natalie's Notable Beauty was open for business in 2012.  Upon completing esthetician training and licensure in 2011, while also attaining microdermabrasion and airbrush makeup certification, I decided to go solo into the business of skincare and makeup.  Having had a lifelong interest in fashion and makeup, it was only natural that I gravitate to the art of achieving/maintaining beautiful skin. 

Skin care is something that is hugely important to me, especially as I've grown older.  My own skincare issues (hormonal acne, excessive oiliness, etc.) ultimately contributed to my desire to want help others with similar concerns.  My philosophy is pretty simple--there's no need to suffer with poor skin health!  Do something about it!  There are many avenues to achieving great skin, and hopefully, I can be a part of your beauty evolution!

In addition to my devotion to all things skin and makeup, I am also a 23 year employee for a NASA contractor.  My work there has allowed me to do things that I would have never imagined, such as meeting astronauts and other wonderful people.  It has also led me to this, my ultimate dream.  Some of those wonderful people have become my  clients!  I am also a mother of one daughter, who I can only hope to inspire to greatness one day.  I also hope to inspire all of my clients, current and future, to allow me to help them achieve their notable beauty!